"Mayoring" is the
Olympic Games of Politics

Do you have

a Coach in your corner?

Let's Look At Your Mayoral Term

Like a 4-Quarter Game Plan:

  1. Setting you up for success by building your Mayoral platform on a strong foundation.
  2. Establishing your rhythm to transform your leadership and ignite your team. 
  3. Being the difference-maker and creating lasting change.
  4. Designing your legacy and mastering new skills to expand your horizons.

What Quarter are you in?

Meet Michael Hubicki, the Mayor's Coach

I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the Mayor's role in the town/city building process with personalized strategies and tactics for leadership through coaching, powerful engagement and project implementation...all while helping you master your mindset and craft your work-life balance of self alignment, abundance and fulfillment.

- Coach Hubicki

  • Teaching and Mentoring Coaches

    A coaches coach, Michael earned his Masters of Science degree in Coaching and Sports Education from Ohio University and practices high performance coaching at the collegiate varsity and Executive levels. Michael will tailor teachings for each individual who is committed to lead with a coaching style.

  • Experienced Coach

    Certified High-Performance Coach and Certified Leadership Coach working with executives, leaders and hundreds of athletes.

  • City Builder / Place Maker

    30 years of experience working with mayors and municipalities as a professional Landscape Architect to build dreams and create sustainable places for citizens to enjoy the outdoors in their community. 

  • Municipal Advisor

    I want to serve mayors and help them thrive. I've been privileged to serve as an active municipal advisor for environmental stewardship, heritage district, a local cemetery board as well as local Commodore.

  • Athletic Coach

    Successful coach of high-performing sports teams including men's and women's volleyball at college and university. 

Meet Some Thriving Mayors

Leadership is a
TEAM sport!

  • Team Leader

    I coach mayors to lead and I mentor mayors to use the Coaching Way to lead. 

  • Team Success

    I help teams find joy and thrive.  As a consultant and coach to professionals, I help them discover their leadership superpowers…to unlock potential, release passion and achieve heroic performance.

  • Mind & Body

    Thriving Mayor is the natural evolution of my sport coaching and life long passion for creating beautiful and sustainable places. A champion for Mayors I train, coach and mentor each mayor to realize their fullest potential at work, life and play.

  • Stewardship

    Stewardship, care for myself, care for my community and care for the planet, is my guiding principle. My role is helping Mayors multiply their influence as change agents for Thriving Communities.

"It is humbling, an honour and a blessing to support a truly transformational team of Mayoral super heroes​"

- Coach Hubicki

Mayors lead the most influential teams in our society

Lead Your Team to Success
Using the Coaching Way 

The Coaching Way: Your Game Plan

Like a 4-quarter sport, your mayorship journey follows a pattern of milestones. Sometimes, if not defined, these can blend together resulting in a lost opportunity to tweak your game plan and strengthen your tactics and strategy.


As your coach I will help you craft your game plan so that each quarter is designed to inspire, excite, educate and empower your leadership along the mayoral journey. Also like the flow of a game, your term may have twists and turns calling for you to adapt and adjust. Your Coaching Way is designed to flow with you.   

Like the Quarterback, a Mayor must adapt

on the fly to the flow of the game.

Which quarter are you in?

1st Quarter Game Plan

Setting You Up For Success


When you first take office, you hit the ground running. You're given a group of people to work with that you didn't choose, so your first order of business is to bring everyone together as one cohesive team.


You'll have many milestones on your journey, and as an example here is how we can tackle one...your team's focus.  


Communicate Your Magnetic Vision to Build Momentum

Some visionary traits that we'll work on together: 

  • Your vision sets your apart from the management team.

    Using the mind for its primary purpose, for deep thinking and developing ideas.

  • Help others see the opportunities

    You have a keen eye for seeing the uniqueness in ordinary things and finding inspiration in everything around you

  • Making Stuff Happen

    Visionaries have an incredible ability to make an impact in a short amount of time.

Establishing Your Rhythm


Like any coach, you drill and practice with your team. You learn about each of your player's strengths and weaknesses then strategically place them in their optimal positions. 


The Coaching Way equips you with tips, tools and strategies to work together and win...to be the head coach.


Transform Your Leadership -

Ignite Your Team

  • Forming

    Casting the vision and getting buy in to focus on a common goal.

  • Storming

    Using negotiation and conflict management skills to handle those who detract from the overall team performance.

  • Norming

    Knowing when to call a time out to change the momentum. Using signals and calling audibles.

  • Performing

    Using gamification to drive action. Tracking and measuring constant improvement over time.

    2nd Quarter Game Plan

    3rd Quarter Game Plan

    Being the Difference Maker


    Your mission is to make your community a better place. You've got the vision. You've got the team. Now it's time to implement!


    Pour Energy Into Your Vision

    • Setting your Priorities

      Create a strategy to organize and stack the projects you want to roll out so you can maximize your time in office and make a bigger impact.

    • Delegating

      Effective delegation is the key to getting more done in less time.

    • Accountability Systems

      Creating a feedback loop to track and measure progress frees you up to do more with less effort.

    • Celebrating

      Celebrating wins as a team drives motivation.

    Preparing for What's Next


    Whether you're running another term, ready to leave office or start something new, you want to be sure that all of the improvements you've made continue to benefit generations to come.


    Master Your Next Skill Set

    • Preparing for the next election or...

      Now that you've accomplished some pretty cool projects, it's time to decide what's next. Another term or a brand new adventure? Either way, let's start mastering your next skill set.

    • Focusing on leaving a lasting legacy

      As mayor, you've had a unique opportunity to make the world a better place. This is your story, your legacy, something to be proud of.

      4th Quarter Game Plan

      Leadership is not an experience,

      it's about building relationships

      • The Coaching Way Program

        My coaching style is fun, relaxed, intuitive and super powerful. We can call it inside-out coaching. I help you see that you are living in the world of your thinking but that there's a world beyond your thinking. As your thinking partner I'll help you uncover some of the limiting beliefs and old stories you've inherited and banish them to the wilderness.   


        The centre piece of my approach is your wellness. We'll work toward the balance between the 3 elements of your Inner Game; Body, Emotions and Mindset and your Outer Game; Environment, Relationships and Ideas. You are ultimately powerful when balancing your BEMERI. 


        Some of the questions we'll explore together include:

        1. What's on your mind. And what else? - diving deep into what you're wondering about.

        2. What's the real challenge here for you? - finding the root of your challenge. 

        3. What do you want? - I'm listening...very deeply to help you find clarity.

        4. How can I help? - What got you here won't get you there. I help you reframe.

        5. If you're saying Yes to this, than what are you saying No to? Finding balance.


        Both the 6 and 12-month Coaching Program is for mayors who seek to strengthen  leadership, balance the Inner and Outer Game and build your suite of skills designed for your next adventure. It provides hands-on guidance to dramatically accelerate your progress. The program includes:


        • An initial kickoff strategy session at which we review your depth-chart...your strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations. We'll develop a targeted action plan for you based on your goals.
        • Every two weeks we’ll have a scheduled hour-long call. You’ll have optional resources designed specifically for you, based upon that day's coaching call. You will be held accountable for your progress in achieving the milestones we lay out. On each call, we’ll debrief, discuss questions or issues that have arisen, and refine your personal action plan to guide you toward success.
        • A personal Experience Log Book updated after every coaching session. It's a list of action items that we will design to transform your life.  It may seem overwhelming when viewed as one task, so don’t.  Look at each item as an opportunity for growth, self-exploration, alignment of your wants and responsibilities, and chance to try something new.  Go for it! Together we will “gamify” the items in your log, transforming a task into an experience.  Trying each item will introduce you to a new paradigm…that may or may not resonate with you.  We’ll discover new potentials that you may have never known about.  Experience each item by actioning it…move beyond mere thinking (fretting) about it. Challenge yourself, and me, to achieve “Rocked it” status.
        • Anytime access to me via text or email in when you want to bounce around an idea. 

      Promoting the care of oneself, one's community and our planet.

      "As your thinking partner, together we will rediscover your why, co-create new mindsets, breakthrough blocks, laugh, invent and thrive."

      - Coach Hubicki

      Together, we open opportunities, introduce your potential and uncover your options for personal growth. 


      What would a hack of your mindset look like? Ready to look up? Look higher? Look further? 


      How do you want to show up to your mayorship—and to your life?

      The Coaching Program costs $6,000 (6 months) or $12,000 (12 months).


      This engagement is a good option for mayors who'd like a non-political thinking partner to work with privately. The structured approach keeps you on track and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can waylay your progress. I offer a safe space to explore your hopes, goals, development gaps, disappointments and roadblocks without judgment.


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      Thriving Mayor is a coaching, consulting and communication practice focused on helping Mayors thrive in their personal and professional lives, and is a division of 2287280 Ontario Ltd. undertaking business as MINDsetting. 
      Michael Hubicki is the founder, head coach, consultant and opportunity curator of MINDsetting and Thriving Mayor.


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