Municipal Acceleration Program

It’s Time to Take Full Advantage of the "Great Resignation"

The Municipality Acceleration Program is Done for You! 


Re-recruit, Engage and Retain Staff

at Your Municipality Using MAP to Accelerate:

- Personal Growth,
- Staff Well Being,
- Diversity & Inclusion and
- Team Building for Improved Performance

Let us Accelerate your Staff, Teams and Leaders - in Just 60 minutes a week

a thought provoking book summary

Get the information without having to read the entire book! Each week we start your AccelerationClass with a video summary of a best-selling leadership or personal development book. 

an ActionPlan

With 5 questions we help you identify an obstacle that is slowing you down in achieving one of your most important goals and create a plan to overcome it.

with your peers & friends

Break into small groups with your fellow Classmates to share insights and experiences that will help you tackle that obstacle and reach your goals faster and more effectively.

The Great Resignation isn’t only affecting retail businesses…government

agencies are on pace to see a higher level of attrition too.

MAP uses 60-minute AccelerationClasses for Group Coaching and Collaboration


After participating in and leading AccelerationClasses I’ve discovered how impactful they can be, I've found that: 

  • Personal learning and transformative development can happen quickly, in 60 minutes 

  • Pinpoint training to address an immediate challenge or opportunity can happen in 12 minutes 

  • Listening to a thought leader sparks our imagination to re-think outside the box solutions
  • 5 minutes of focused thought clarifies goal, obstacle and action 

  • 20 minutes of small group collaboration creates magical outcomes for everyone 

  • Sharing with others co-creates solutions, nurtures caring and improves well-being 

  • Broad participation enriches the conversation and broadens the idea pool 

  • Sense of community and friendships are forged quickly and nurtured off-line 

Your teams are unique and mysterious and sometimes...frustrating.  If you sense that they've got more to give, more to explore and more to achieve you owe it to yourself to take ACTION for them.  The Acceleration Program is designed for staff, teams or leaders and provides the opportunity for them to connect and collaborate while making things happen. 


Each six month program includes a weekly 60 minute AccelerationClass designed specifically slow so we move beyond quick fixes, sound bites and seven-step solutions.     


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What about results?

Here's what Class attendees have to say...

Lori Parrish 

County Board Member

"I have found the Classes to be very beneficial! It combines my love of reading with my desire to learn and grow. Rather than just consuming information from a great professional or personal development book, the Class has provided the opportunity for me to identify my goals and create action plans and steps to complete them. The accountability component, the documentation of my goals, and progress towards developing a Personal Practice are a great combination for actual implementation and progress."

Arun Andhavarapu

Global Business Executive

"I found the Classes hugely helpful in shifting through a large number of business and leadership development that is floating out on the internet.  I love reading and often struggle to convert those nuggets of insights into concrete repeatable actions with a consistency that creates habits.  I engage in dynamic conversations with other professionals in the Classes.  They forced me to prioritize my goals and create action plans - what I should do the next week not three months from now and created a sense of accountability."

Bart Justice

CEO (Axios Solutions)

"Classes have revolutionized the way I coach and engage personal and leadership development. The content is great, but the real value comes from the experiences and insights shared by your peers in the breakout sessions, along with actionable to-dos to help you reach your goals.

Michael’s leadership and facilitation of these classes will take your personal growth to a whole new level!"




Flexible and Customizable

Personalize your Acceleration


If staff are disengaged, bored, not challenged, or want more autonomy...Accelerate re-engagement, commitment, fun, learning, performance and well being.

MAP is a new reason for staff to reconsider quitting after making impactful new relationships that bring more interaction and shared accountability.  


If teams are dysfunctional, egos are getting in the way, deadlines are being missed, or cliques are running rampant...Accelerate team building, trust, honesty, support, collaboration and chemistry.

MAP is a new reason for members to reconsider quitting after being heard, sharing insights, voicing opinions in a safe and supportive environment.



Want to up your game? Pivot and get up to date with the latest practices that are working right now. Accelerate your personal growth and impact working with other leaders to share best practices, learn from each other and expand your network.  

MAP is a new reason for leaders to reconsider quitting after leveraging the micro-learnings and "group intellect" to pin point the immediate action needed to achieve their goal...FASTER!

The World's Most Engaging Virtual Training 60 Minutes

With a simple process to accelerate
learning into action, results and community.

Create a Culture of Lifelong, Active Learning and Impact

Since the beginning of the crisis, we’ve been continuously in conversation with leaders around the world about how they are adapting Learning & Development to changing times.


Municipal Acceleration Program is a system for:

  • Getting your team to make time for learning
  • Getting your team to apply what they learn
  • Helping them turn learning into action and results



Strengthen Collaboration and Connection, Improve Team Building and Employee Well-Being

We deliver Municipal Acceleration Program to help each municipality connect your employees in a new and powerful way.


The turnkey system you have been waiting for is FINALLY here!

  • We help your people make meaningful new connections 
  • We keep employees motivated and productive
  • We meet the emotional and well-being needs of employees

Municipal Acceleration Program

is Done For You

We know that you've got a lot on your plate and budgets are stretched. Let us become your implementation and facilitation partner to connect your staff like never before.


Team members love Acceleration Program because they are "no fluff," pragmatic, and action-packed. Most importantly, they walk away with concrete action plans on how to overcome obstacles that get them closer to their individual and team goals.

Act Now and Take Advantage of the

Great Resignation

1-Hour FREE Test Drive

We host and facilitate interactive workshops on the development and leadership skills that matter most.


Bring your team for a powerful FREE learning and collaboration experience.


Experience the difference when we combine our platform, tools and proven system for creating actionable plans that can be implemented right away.



Learn how Municipal Acceleration Program solves pressing problems that

learning leaders ​face during times of change,

and how you can get started with a FREE workshop for your municipality!

On the call, we'll design a custom workshop around your most pressing problem. Here are some of the topics and workshops to choose from:

Your Head Coach - Michael Hubicki

  • Certified Coach

    A Masters degree in Coaching Education. 12 Years of experience working with leaders, high-performing athletes and professionals.

  • Experienced Consultant

    31 years of professional experience working with mayors, councils and staff on planning, designing and building public realm projects in cities and towns.

  • Group Facilitator

    Uniquely gifted in the art of facilitation. Using mind mapping and other tools, Michael leads incredibly productive Visioning, Brain Storming, Goal Setting and Conflict Resolution sessions on a regular basis. If you want clarity on any particular subject, an actionable plan to implement it, and accountability to see it to fruition, he's your man!


Thriving Mayor is a coaching, consulting and communication practice focused on helping Mayors thrive in their personal and professional lives, and is a division of 2287280 Ontario Ltd. undertaking business as MINDsetting. 
Michael Hubicki is the founder, head coach, consultant and opportunity curator of MINDsetting and Thriving Mayor.


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