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The inspiration for the Thriving Mayor show is my desire to get to know our mayors and share my discovery of these super heroes who lead the rejuvenation of our cities, towns, counties and townships.


The mission of the Thriving Mayor show is to give mayors and special guests the opportunity to connect with the public and other mayors.


The Thriving Mayor show celebrates cherished memories, shared adventures, small kindnesses, acts of generosity, lifelong passions and things that make us laugh. 

Format / theThriving Mayor Show

A weekly broadcast & podcast featuring former and current mayors and other guests leading the way toward thriving. Michael's fun and relaxed style creates a "fire side" atmosphere for guests to share stories, insights, wisdom and wonder. 


Each episode will be broadcast on the Thriving Mayor show at 10 am E.T. on Wednesdays. I understand how full your schedule is and encourage you to schedule your interview at any other time and we can pre-record it. Even though your interview is pre-recorded, the broadcast will be live and viewers can comment through their social media, as can you if you're able to join us. 


After each episode airs, a few of your "moments" will be captured in short video nuggets and shared on social media as The Mayor's Moment. 

Topics / theThriving Mayor Show

Here are a few of the questions that we could include, or any other topics you are interested in:

  • Tell us one fun fact about you. (hobby, travel, accomplishment, favorite sport, interesting acquaintance, etc.)
  • Share with us what you care most about and why.
  • What do you hope for?
  • Tell us about your first election; that feeling of realizing you were committed to throwing your hat into the ring and really going for it.
  • Who was the first person you told and what was their response? 
  • Who did/do you look up to as a role model?  Who are some of your heroes?  
  • Share a bit about your family legacy in politics. 
  • What advice would you give someone considering becoming a mayor? 
  • Can you share with us a few of your favourite moments on the campaign trail? 
  • Share the emotions you and your family felt that first election night.
  • Did your feelings change over the years
  • Did elections become old hat? 
  • Tell us about your mindset going into an election…are there ups and downs? 
  • Tell us about your self care; have you had to make many changes to your routines? 
  • What are some of the things you’re doing that make you feel happy and grateful? 
  • Share a couple of your favourite moments from the Council Chambers. 
  • What projects and achievements do you recall fondly? 
  • And, not so fondly?  
  • How do you share your vision for stewardship of your community?
  • Share with us a few of your most important new projects, pursuits or initiatives. 
  • How can people help and contribute in your community?
  • What is life knocking on your door and asking you to step into or do?
  • Would you like to add a final thought?

Your Host / Michael Hubicki

The Mayor's Partner

“Since over 80% of us live in cities and towns, my focus is on helping our mayors thrive...so they can enhance the quality of living for as many people as possible.”

  • Curious & Creative Host

    Creating a warm, safe and fun atmosphere for  Thriving Mayor show guests to share their stories and unique wisdom, wonder and insights. 

  • Certified Coach

    A Masters degree in Coaching Education. 12 Years of experience working with leaders, high-performing athletes and professionals.

  • Experienced Consultant

    31 years of professional experience working with mayors, councils and staff on planning, designing and building public realm projects in cities and towns.

  • Award-Winning Designer

    Pioneer in landscape architecture, healthy homes, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Received the Canadian National Energy Efficiency Award for New Homes and Ontario Association of Landscape Architect's Award for Service to the Environment. 

Benefits / theThriving Mayor Show

Your episode and Mayor's Moments will be seen on several social media channels, including YouTube and FaceBook. The podcast will also be heard on many channels. By the end of the day, it will be a video broadcast, a podcast and a transcript on www.thrivingmayor.com.

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Thriving Mayor is a coaching, consulting and communication practice focused on helping Mayors thrive in their personal and professional lives, and is a division of 2287280 Ontario Ltd. undertaking business as MINDsetting. 
Michael Hubicki is the founder, head coach, consultant and opportunity curator of MINDsetting and Thriving Mayor.


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