Helping Mayors Thrive

Want to leave a legacy of innovative thinking, public service and community building...let's design for it.

Thrive in your Mayoral role as the Steward, Visionary, Leader, Coach, CEO, Mentor, Spokesperson and Authority. Together, let's focus on your unique gifts and strengths...and enhance themImmediately thrive as your municipality's leader and bolster your insight, influence & well-being.
I'm Mike Hubicki, founder of Thriving Mayor, and I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the Mayor's role in the town/city building process with personalized strategies and tactics for leadership through coaching, powerful engagement and project implementation...all while helping you master your mindset and craft your work life balance of self alignment, abundance and fulfillment. I will help you discover and unlock your potential, have fun, find joy and thrive. 
On your 1:1 Breakthrough Call you & I will:

  • Clarify the direction on where you truly want to be heading.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are blocking you from getting there.
  • Share ideas and expertise to bolster your insight, influence & wellbeing.
  • Explore a tool kit of Mayoral skills & tactics specific to you.
  • Leave you inspired and renewed to truly become the super hero we know is in you.

Thrive; loving your life, leading your community and nurturing the planet.

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Mayors are Awesone!

You are meant for greatness, put on this planet to make a conscious difference, to impart, to teach, to coach, to leave every place that you've been better than it was before.  


Mayors are uniquely positioned to be the Super Heroes needed to lead the transformation of our towns and cities...but inherit responsibility for a complex portfolio of built form, programs, services and municipal governance...often without support.


Thriving as a Mayor is much, much, much more than just being a great leader. It’s about being a great Steward…and crafting win-win-win outcomes for yourself, your community and our planet.


Of all the ways that we can frame growth and measure success,  stewardship is more comprehensive, logical, respectful, responsible, quantifiable and actionable. Simply put, thriving conditions are created by caring and nurturing one’s self, one’s community and one’s planet.  

What is

It is a coaching, consulting and curatorial practice focused on helping Mayors thrive in their professional and personal lives.  In addition to one to one services, Thriving Mayor will offer a full suite of services to support a group of special people entrusted to lead their communities.


At Thriving Mayor we recognize that it can feel lonely at the top, and mayors are at the top…where the buck stops. But, humans derive our strength from collaboration. Best selling author and leadership guru Brene Brown writes that “…our neural, hormonal and genetic make-up support interdependence over independence."  


Thriving Mayor is your community to “interdepend”, to explore and expand your style of leadership, lean on each other, ask for and share advice, tell your stories, share issues, pains, challenges, achievements, wins, milestones and craft strategies and tactics specific to your Mayoral journey. And, all within a fun, lively, timely, relevant, and valuable community curated specifically for Mayors.

Why Mayors?

Mayors are the super heroes we have elected to lead the creation of thriving communities! Mayors are our best hope to lead the evolution of our townscapes, cityscapes and the services they provide in sustaining the highest quality of life for all.


8 of the factors unique to the position of Mayor differentiate it from other elected leadership positions . The intersection of these 8 factors creates a convergence that is awesome, intimidating, powerful and occasionally overwhelming, and that position the Mayor as the leader  in the recovery, rejuvenation and evolution of our communities.


Mayors are my ideal partner to create massive value and make meaningful, equitable and lasting change. 

Elected to Govern

Mayors focus on governing...not on the politicking that dominates upper tier governance and the "run" for re-election.  



Mayors are much closer to the public than upper tier elected officials and connectable with the grass roots of the community. 


Mayors win, earn and nurture increased influence, and  leverage it through building trust with the people, staff and council.


Mayors are the municipality's head coach, volunteering to lead a complex organization responsible for safety, security, shelter, services & programs.  

Community Care

Mayors are voted in by their neighbours, people who've experienced the Mayor's care and generosity.


Growth Mindset

Mayors favor improvement over the ego soothing status quo and embrace failure as a way of learning.

Non Partisan

Mayors are not beholden to party politics, they lead according to their own credo and ethos. 


Mayors live along side their voters, seeing the local opportunities & challenges first hand.

Who is a Thriving Mayor?

A thriving Mayor is courageous, vulnerable, empathetic, honest, brave, compassionate, not afraid of failure and intrinsically motivated. In the role of Municipal Head Coach, they are thriving emotionally, spiritually and physically. A thriving Mayor will steward personal, communal and planetary well being, living and leading through listening, learning, contemplation and consensus building.


"...stewarding change - stewarding life - becomes even more than an inquiry and a practice. It is a quest. A hero’s journey. A choose-your-own-adventure story. The challenges we face in our organizations, in our communities and in the world call for nothing less. And our own hearts crave nothing more. " Michelle Holliday. 


If this appeals to you I encourage you to join our Thriving Mayor movement to help create new momentum and make positive change in our communities. Invest in your personal growth, mayoral tactics, stewardship mind set, network of other super heroes and living a life of abundance and fulfillment by joining us at Thriving Mayor.

Thriving Mayor Services

Providing Support along the Mayoral Journey through coaching, consulting, curating and...

  • 1:1 Coaching, Consulting & Curating Packages

    The core offering of Thriving Mayor is the pre-scheduled 60 minute, one to one session for coaching, consulting and opportunity curating with Mike.  3, 6, or 12 month packages are designed to optimize Mike's opportunity to support you.  

  • The Instant Impact Call

    Who ya' gonna call...Thriving Mayor. When the heat of the moment is overwhelming and an objective, impartial voice of experience and reason could help, Mike is a call away.  

  • The Mayor's Forum

    This safe, secure and private forum will provide Mayors a virtual place to chat, share ideas and interdepend.  Themes and topics will reflect the conversation and be moderated & curated by Thriving Mayor. 

  • Mayor's Membership Council

    Thriving Mayor private on-line membership site with weekly content including webinars, posts and polls that are curated in response to member needs. Mike will also facilitate a weekly 45-minute group call or webinar to offer coaching, consulting and support in a safe, inclusive and fun atmosphere.

  • Mayor's Stewardship Master Class

    Thriving Mayor will engage the membership to explore and craft a D.I.Y. master class about applying the Stewardship mindset to all aspects of a Mayor's life.  Mike is a certified Experience Product Masterclass practitioner and committed to creating a virtual course specific to the needs of Mayors. 

  • Virtual Summits

    Twice a year, in response to demand, Thriving Mayor will host a half-day virtual summit that could include work shops, panels, how to's, best practices, guest experts, interviews and more. These summits will always be free to attend during broadcast.  Recordings will be posted to the Mayor's Membership Council or available to the general public for a fee afterward.

  • Town Hall - Town Halls

    Town Halls are a popular forum to invite participants to share ideas, concerns, issues and desires with the Mayor. Mike has developed a municipal council Town Hall format designed to engage the Mayor and Council when a breathe of fresh air could help team chemistry or nurture the win-win-win approach.

  • Keynote Speaking

    Invite Mike to entertain, challenge, en-passion and unite your gathering.  A master story teller and passionate pioneer, Mike will connect with your audience and create a memorable and meaningful experience.

  • Mayor's Stewardship Council

    Thriving Mayor will become the tool to support Mayor's thriving as Stewards. For Mayors looking for an enriched Stewardship experience, a limited number of memberships in the Stewardship council will be made available.  Benefits include 1:1 calls with Mike, relationships with a powerful master mind, personalized feedback and special virtual events to nurture member interdependence and results. 

Mike Hubicki’s Quest is to Help Mayors design.

Thriving is the result of years of training, education, research, experience and personal growth...and the strategic realization that Mayors are my ideal partners. I have crafted my services to  support Mayors and align my heart's calling to:

1. promote stewardship of self, community and planet,

2. support transformational leadership and

3. coach team building

I believe that I am uniquely equipped to help Mayors thrive with my set of skills, passions, insights, experiences and expertise, including: 

  • Personal journey to take courageous steps to overcome a scarcity mindset and take action toward a thriving practice and life,
  • Empathy for Mayors and the daily pressures, demands, distractions and responsibilities that impact them, home and office,
  • Over 30 years of real-world, award-winning experience planning and building the public realms and civic infrastructure of towns and cities
  • Active in municipal advisory roles for environmental stewardship, heritage district, cemetery board, cycling, urban agriculture, public art, design excellence, sports, fund raising and recreation,
  • A passion to coach and mentor leaders drawing upon my practical and theoretical experience,
  • Earned my Masters of Science in Coaching Education from Ohio University,
  • Certified High Performance Coach,
  • Certified Leadership Coach,
  • ​Professional landscape architect,
  • Commitment to pioneering and innovation in building socially equitable, energy efficient and accessible projects.
  • I am committed to bringing a fresh perspective to the Mayor's role in the town/city building process with personalized strategies and tactics for leadership through coaching, powerful engagement and project implementation...all while helping them master their mindset and craft their work life balance of self alignment, abundance and fulfillment.

Thriving Mayor is the natural evolution of my sport coaching philosophy; “ become the best coach that I can be, through education, investigation and reflection, and lead my athlete's to sustain their JOY of learning, training, competing and caring for each other" combined with my passion for mentoring and calling to promote stewardship.  


I help teams find joy and thrive.  As a consultant and coach to professionals, I help them discover their leadership superpowers…to unlock potential, release passion and achieve heroic performance. A champion for Mayors, my role is helping them multiply their influence as change agents for sustainable built form.


It is humbling, an honour and a blessing to support a truly transformational team of Mayoral super heroes. I will;

  • Help introduce Mayors on this team to their individual and collective potential to change the world,
  • Uncover your leadership superpowers to unlock your teams' potential, release passion and achieve heroic performance.
  • Curate their aspirations and ideas and;
  • Explore implementation tactics, one project at a time.

Throughout his career Mike crafts win-win-win results, some of which include projects, outreach, mindsets and partnerships:

30 Years

Professional experience designing, budgeting, building & operating livable towns & cities


Value of construction projects for which Mike stewarded interdisciplinary teams

M. Sc.

Earned the Master Degree in Coaching Education from Ohio U. in 2015


Built public realm projects that Mike has promoted stewardship and win-win-win outcomes


Athletes, peers and leaders Mike has coached, mentored and help curate fulfilling lives

National 1st

Designer of off-grid home- Canadian National Energy Efficiency Award for New Homes


Clients must be engaged, so Mike draws upon his sport coaching to create fun and powerful experiences


Mike is overcoming his fixed mindset, and embraces stewardship within his growth mindset

Mike's Values & Verbs

"Stewardship is the calling or purpose - the emergent, unifying story - that propels us into transformative action together..." Michelle Holliday

Mike works with Mayors, Administrators, Builders, Residents and other Professionals

What others want you to know about Mike...

masterful communicator, facilitator, respectful and grateful, intuitive design lead, innovative, results driven


City Director Engineering

caring, powerful listening, asks deep questions, curates opportunities, analysis and organization


Mayor & NHL Player, Retired

leads by example, pioneering spirit, teacher, mentor, coach, inclusive and encouraging


Municipal Director Planning., Acting

continual learning and self development, innovation and engagement


Executive Producer

empathy, generosity, caring, coaching style of leadership, sportsmanship in competition 


C.E.O., Retired

collaboration, inclusion, social equity, diversity, public art, civic beauty


Town Mayor

  • Ontario, Canada


  • (905) 373 5558


Thriving Mayor is a coaching, consulting and curatorial practice focused on helping Mayors thrive in their professional and personal lives, and is a division of 2287280 Ontario Ltd. undertaking business as MINDsetting. 
Mike Hubicki is the founder and head coach, consultant and opportunity curator of MINDsetting and Thriving Mayor.

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